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Route de Gap, Sisteron, France. Le point relais et suivi de colis de Fedex, Sisteron.

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Fedex, Sisteron
Catégories Shop & Service Point
Adresse Route de Gap, Sisteron, France
Horaires Service
Heure limite avant livrer les colis
Téléphone 0825 886 887
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Etienne Nélis - 2022-10-13

Attention FedEx is an unreliable delivery company. I took a day off to wait all day for a delivery scheduled for October 13. No phone call. No email to notify the customer. No delivery but a message at the end of the evening to say that the delivery could not be made.

Emmanuel Kurth - 2022-08-18

- The delivery man never rang to deliver the package to us - The delivery person signed the delivery note for us - the delivery man forced the mailbox to put the package there With all this, it is INADMISSIBLE!

Christophe Grandmaire - 2022-07-27

Nice person at the reception remaining deposits. Please note that packages are collected from 9:00 a.m.

Antony Privat - 2022-09-27